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Apex Tool Works Inc.(Apex Tools) designs and manufactures precision tooling, machinery, and systems for the production of can ends and other metal, paper, and composite elements used in can-and container-making and packaging. It offers dies for straight and scroll cutting of oval and round blanks; and tooling used in the production of steel, aluminum, and composite cans, pail heads, fibre drum rings, heads, and glass jar caps. The company also provides die assemblies for stamping shallow cups, aerosol domes, paint can rings, and plugs, as well as machines and systems for the production of lug caps, compound pouring, cap lining, and specialty applications, including blanking, trimming, flanging, curling, beading, upsetting, and hemming.

In addition, it offers festoons and components for winding equipment and pouching machines.

The company serves can, container, and closure industries.

Apex Tool Works Inc. was founded in 1919 and is based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.